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Need web data? We can extract it for you, hassle-free.

How it Works


Our Solution Architects meet with you to discuss your web crawling and data processing requirements.


Our Data Engineers and Data Scientists expedite your project. They're leaders in their fields and ready to deliver.


You get the data you need, the way you want it. Save time and money by hiring the web scraping experts.

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What We Do

Custom Data Feeds

Many of our clients just want web data. Let us know what you want and our team will take care of the rest.

Custom-Built Crawlers

We can deliver source code for your project so you can deploy, run, and customize your crawlers with no lock-in.

Crawl Consulting

Are your engineers struggling with a project? We’ll architect your crawler so you reliably get your data, on time.

Data Science

Unearth actionable insights. We’re able to filter, normalize, augment, analyze, and aggregate your data.

Scrapy Training

Get your team trained by the lead maintainers of Scrapy. Learn the shortcuts to get more done, better, faster.

Large-Scale Crawls

Break free from scaling constraints. Use machine learning to automate extraction and execute your crawl in parallel.

How You Can Use Web Data

Competitive Intelligence

Make sure your competitors aren’t undercutting or outpacing you. Innovate off of their best ideas by tracking what they do.

Price Monitoring

Monitor competitor prices to stay ahead of the curve. Increase your sales margins by using data to find the perfect price.

Change Detection

Be the first to know what might affect you, where, and when. Monitor news, events, and changes from thousands of sources.

Lead Generation

Maximize your response rate. Get your message in front of the right sales leads and job candidates.

Data Aggregation

Make better decisions. We can collect data from disparate sources in a single place, and normalize it for easy analysis.

Data Enrichment

Get more out of your data. Mix and match it with other data sources to give it more context and accuracy.

Market Intelligence

Understand your evolving market by tracking competitors, your audience, and changing regulations.

Review Monitoring

Stay on top of your reputation and win over clients. Track what customers are saying about you and your competitors.

Distributor Monitoring

Stay in control. Crack down on distributors who ignore your list prices and criminals who damage your brand.

Financial Data

Use alternative data and make smarter investments by monitoring data sources that others don’t.

Research Data

Instantly get your research underway. We can provide you with a data feed for just about any source.

Risk and Compliance

Cut your costs and mitigate data entry risks. Automatically receive regulatory changes in a structured format.

Why Work With Us

Recognized Experts

We’ve scraped millions of websites since 2010. Let us handle the crawling for you so you can focus on your business goals.

Data Built to Measure

Get structured data that matches your specs. We can deal with complex requirements that automated solutions cannot.

No Lock-In

Retain full control if you need it. We build on top of open source software so you can always deploy your projects in-house.

Scalable Infrastructure

We crawl over 4 billion web pages per month. By hosting your crawlers on our platform, you can scale easily and reliably.

Quality Driven

Work in full confidence. Our sophisticated tools and processes ensure that your data is complete and accurate.

Proactive Support

Sleep in full confidence. Put us in charge of maintaining your crawlers, and we’ll proactively keep your data coming.

End-to-End Expertise

Feel supported from start to finish. Our engineers can expedite any task ranging from data collection to data processing.

Out-of-the-Box Thinkers

Ensure your project stays on track and on budget. If there’s a creative way to move faster, we’ll find it.

Tell Us About Your Project

Frequently Asked Questions

What do projects typically cost?

We typically charge a few hundred to a few thousand dollars per month for a data feed. This includes setting up the crawler, monitoring and maintaining it, QA, and infrastructure-related charges.

What can I do with a smaller budget?

Try Portia. It’s a browser-based point and click app that lets you create web crawlers. It works for many simple sites, and you can get started for free by creating a Scrapy Cloud account.

What affects a project’s costs?

Project costs depend on the target site’s size, how often it changes, whether it uses bot countermeasures, the number of records and fields you’re after, and the data processing steps you’d like us to take.

How will you ship our data?

Most of our clients retrieve their data in bulk using our storage API. Other clients prefer that we ship their data to an Amazon S3 container or similar. We can also set up an API so you can get your data on a per record basis.

Can you help us with integrating our data?

Our clients usually do the integration themselves, but we can go the extra mile and do it for you if you provide us with crystal clear specs and mappings. We only accept back-end development work in Python.

What happens after we reach out to you?

A Technical Sales rep will schedule a short call. If we’re a good fit, a Solution Architect will go through your project’s specifics and request any missing details. You’ll typically get an estimate within two business days.

Is there anything you need from us?

Annotated screenshots of the records and the fields you’d like to scrape are extremely helpful. We can provide faster estimates and ensure that there are no loose ends or surprises after a project starts.

What is your project workflow?

After you approve our quote, we’ll introduce you to a project manager who will put our engineers to work. Once they’re done, our QA team will verify that your requirements have been met. We’ll provide you with sample data for review and then finalize your project once you accept.

Tell Us About Your Project

Happy Clients

Helped us monitor 2 million products.

We wanted a dashboard to compare products offered by UK retailers. Scrapinghub's excellent engineers helped us scrape the 2 million records we needed on a weekly basis. Our data continued to be delivered even as the retailers kept changing their websites, because Scrapinghub has a great support team!

Scraped 50 websites daily within a month.

Our time-sensitive study involved compiling data on the 2015 Canadian federal election. Scrapinghub scraped about 50 websites daily over the period of a month. We weren’t familiar with many of the technical aspects of scraping but the Scrapinghub team patiently and promptly answered our questions. The data we needed were delivered on time and in a format that helped make our research project a success.

  • April Lindgren
  • Associate Professor
  • Ryerson University School of Journalism

Enabled us to enter the market quickly.

Scrapinghub's senior engineers built a secure and reliable solution for online multi-platform ticket bookings that enabled us to enter the market quickly. Their technology gave us a scalable platform that helped us achieve our business goals. It has been a great experience and I truly recommended working with them.

One of the best decisions we’ve made.

Hiring Scrapinghub and building our next-generation scraping system on open source Scrapy and Scrapyd are some of the best decisions we've made. Scrapy has been accurate, reliable, easy to maintain and ScrapingHub people have been a joy to work with.

  • Mike Seidle
  • Director of Development
  • DirectEmployers Foundation

High integrity and superior service.

Gilberto's (Engineer at Scrapinghub) expertise and resourcefulness has been fantastic as he has supported our service. He knows how to talk to those of us who aren't technical and he consistently produces high quality results. We trust his recommendations completely due to his high integrity and superior service.

  • Terese Herbig
  • Director of Member Development
  • The Path to Purchase Institute

My questions were promptly answered.

I was very pleased with both the finished project and with the way my questions were promptly answered. This is definitely the way to run a successful company. Thanks!

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