Turn websites into data

Scrapinghub provides a cloud-based web crawling platform and data as a service.

Crawl the Web at Scale

Scrapy Cloud, our cloud-based web crawling platform, allows you to easily deploy crawlers and scale them on demand – without needing to worry about servers, monitoring, backups, or cron jobs. It helps developers like you turn over two billion web pages per month into valuable data.

Our platform's many add-ons let you extend your spiders in clicks. Among them, our smart proxy rotator (Crawlera) helps you bypass bot counter-measures so you can crawl large sites faster.

Your data gets safely stored in a high-availability database. You can browse it and share it with your team from your dashboard, or consume your data in your app using our API.

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Data as a Service

Our web crawling experts can help if you don't have the time or the expertise to crawl a site. You'll be in excellent hands. We're the creators and the main maintainers of Scrapy, the most popular web scraping framework written in Python.

Some sites are so popular or difficult to crawl that we collect their data ourselves so you don't need to. Get in touch if you're thinking about scraping such a site. There's a good chance we're on it already. You'll get instant access to the data you need – without the hassle.

Other sites are just complex. Bot countermeasures, sloppy code, A/B tests, and other challenges can get in your way when collecting the data you need. Our experts know how to work around them. Save time and money by letting us tackle those complex crawls for you.

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Happy Clients

Helped us monitor 2 million products.

We wanted a dashboard to compare products offered by UK retailers. Scrapinghub's excellent engineers helped us scrape the 2 million records we needed on a weekly basis. Our data continued to be delivered even as the retailers kept changing their websites, because Scrapinghub has a great support team!

Vastly simplified my development efforts.

I have been using Scrapinghub for more than a year for personal projects. The interface provided saves about 95% of the time normally needed for extracting information from webpages. With about an hour of learning, this tool vastly simplified my development efforts, and runs consistently and reliably. If you have a need to gather data from a series of webpages, I could not recommend Scrapinghub enough.

Incredibly transparent and stable.

Crawlera has solved our problem of making sparse requests from different IP addresses in an incredibly transparent and stable way. Their team is amazing and has been really helpful to us. I definitely recommend this product!

Enabled us to enter the market quickly.

Scrapinghub's senior engineers built a secure and reliable solution for online multi-platform ticket bookings that enabled us to enter the market quickly. Their technology gave us a scalable platform that helped us achieve our business goals. It has been a great experience and I truly recommended working with them.