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Your new remote job will involve happiness and freedom. You cool with that?

We eat data for breakfast. You can eat your breakfast anywhere and work for Scrapinghub. You’ll be part of a team that stretches across the globe. We’re passionate about remote working and it’s benefits. We want you to feel welcome in a super friendly, multi-cultural team.

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Big goals. So lots of roles.

Customer Success Manager

We found the awesome person to formulate our strategy for Customer Success, so now we are looking for Customer Success Managers who will ensure our customers derive maximum value from our products such that they renew, expand and become advocates for us in the market.
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Senior Software Engineer

You will be designing and implementing distributed systems: large-scale web crawling platform, integrating Deep Learning based web data extraction components, working on queue algorithms, large datasets, creating a development platform for other company departments, etc. - this is going to be a challenging journey for any backend engineer!
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Our values and why you should come join us

Open by default

Open source is in our DNA
We communicate openly and honestly with each other
We encourage a flexible and diverse work environment
We embrace change and adapt to succeed

Team Players

We solve problems better in teams
We treat each other with respect, even when we disagree
We are remote but connected through teams
We celebrate success together
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customer centric job roles

Customer Centric

We listen to our customers and take action
Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do
We go above and beyond to provide the best solutions to our customers
We are experts and share that knowledge with our customers


We embrace challenges
We are constantly working to master our craft
We are always innovating and learning
We set the bar high and drive for results
being an ambitious when working remotely
  • Hi, I'm Julio. I'm Remote, not distant.

    "Even though Scrapinghub is a fully remote company, I feel so close to my teammates.  I've gotten a chance to build relationships across the globe with lots of different cultures inside Scrapinghub.

    For me, one of the most important initiatives is that, every 2 weeks I get a chance to meet with a random person in the company and talk about anything. Really, we get 30 minutes or more for a random chat just to know each other, and it's been an awesome experience."
  • Hi, I'm Nicola. I'm achieving things.

    "I love working at Scrapinghub as I feel very independent and trusted in my role, this allows me to manage my time and focus on what is most important: building relationships with our customers and making sure they get the data they need, when they need it. 

    The option to work remotely has allowed me to achieve a greater work/life balance and really make the most of my time both inside and outside of work."
  • Hi, I'm Tejashri. Living a travel dream.

    "It always felt like a dream to travel the world and work from your laptop at the same time. At some point I felt it will be impossible to do, but with help of Scrapinghub remote opportunities I found my way around.  It's amazing to find a platform to shape your career but it's even better when you can do it, being best version of yourself.  Travelling across the world, learning about different cultures and still staying connected to your roots helped me lot to know better about myself."
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Your new job isn’t far away

step one to your remote job


See a job you like? Simply fill out the application and import a CV/Resume. For some roles, you may be required to submit a Code sample.
step two to working at scraping hub


Our Talent Acquisition team will review your CV for awesomeness. For technical roles, your sample code will be reviewed.  
step three to working from home at scrapinghub


Successful candidates will be invite to participate in our online Interview process. This includes meeting online HR, the Hiring Manager and either a trial or task.
step four to a successful interview at scrapinghub


Your awesomeness has been recognised and we want you to join the team. Our Talent Acquisition team will make sure all the elements of your offer are explained in detail.
step five to a remote career at scrapinghub


Welcome to the team. We have an extensive on-boarding process for remote workers that HR and your Manager will guide you through.  

Our GiveBack program

scrapinghub giveback charity program

A charitable donation for your time

We appreciate the time that is spent on preparing for an interview or completing technical trials during our recruitment process. In recognition of this we will make a charitable donation on your behalf  - for all candidates who complete a technical trial or presentation.  

We’re always trying to give back. Our charity for this year is the Global Fund for Children.
global fund for children
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