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E-commerce and Article extraction at scale.

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News and Article Monitoring
Modern media can create outstanding value or an existential threat to your business in a single news cycle. Web scraping is the ultimate solution for monitoring, aggregating and parsing the most critical stories from your industry.

Simply send an HTTP request to the Scrapinghub-AutoExtract API and it will take care of the rest.
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Product & Price Intelligence
Revolutionize day-to-day business with web scraped product data and dramatically increase your company’s competitiveness. From automatic pricing solutions to profitable investment insights, this data moves mountains.

Simply send an HTTP request to the Scrapinghub-AutoExtract API and it will take care of the rest.

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Looking for data other than articles or products?
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Market Research
Travel (Hotels, Airlines)
Company profiles
Education (Courses)
Lead Generation
Real Estate

We enable over 2,000 companies extract the data they need every day

No custom code needed

Through the use of deep-learning, computer vision and Crawlera, web items are extracted without the need to develop and maintain code or extraction rules for each site.

Save time and effort

Turn 100s of news or e-commerce product pages into structured data without the need for any code - including product details, pricing information, product IDs, articles and more.

Resilient to website changes

Underpinned by ML technology and dynamic proxy management, the AutoExtract API delivers a resilient solution to website changes - meaning you are less likely to be banned or throttled.

Quality assurance

10+ years experience plus over 8 billion pages extracted per month has enabled us to create a solution that delivers quality data outputs.


Simple Restful JSON API
Support 24/5


Save time & effort through automatic web extraction at scale

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Ideal for
one off web scraping projects
10k monthly requests
14 day free trial

Tier 1

Ideal for
small web scraping projects
100K monthly requests
1 max requests per hour
Unlimited bandwidth
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per month

Tier 2

Ideal for
medium web scraping projects
1M monthly requests
2 max requests per hour
Unlimited bandwidth
24/5 support
per month

Tier 3

Ideal for
scraping the web at enormous scale
5M monthly requests
100 max requests per hour
Unlimited bandwidth
24/5 support
per month
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Ideal for unlimited scale 
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URL discovery and custom 
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Free Trial

Ideal to stress test our API
14 day free trial
10K monthly requests
Full product functionality
Page URL's required


Ideal for automatic web scraping projects
24/5 support
Up to 500K monthly requests*
Unlimited bandwidth
Page URL's required
per 100k requests per month
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Focus on the data, not the code

How it works

1. Query API

Send an HTTP request to Auto-Extract single endpoint API.

2. It just works

To make a request simply send a POST request to the API along with your API key, target URL and page type.

3. Successul response received

Receive a successful request and response in JSON format over HTTPS.

What our customers say

  • The technology and know how have exceeded our expectations.
    "When Kinzen was faced with regularly obtaining quality news articles from the open web we knew we had to get people in who had done it before. After an evaluation of the market, Scrapinghub Automatic Extraction API was an obvious choice. We have not regretted that decision, the quality of their output, and responsiveness have exceeded our expectations. We have no hesitation in recommending them." 
    Paul Watson
    CTO & Founder
    Kinzen - the news app that puts you in control!
  • Delivering a close to flawless service
    "As our company is in an expanding phase, Scrapinghub has been a great partner adding a product and service to allow us to focus on developing our own core products and scale faster.

    Our experience working with Scrapinghub has been brilliant, from scoping the project, to deliver on time and proactively giving service and following up on all cases. What I find particularly impressive is that they helped us to accurately scope the project, and within 30 days solve all problems and deliver a close to flawless service. "

    Chris Greno
    Adlede: Contextual advertising, Relevant and personal without the intrusiveness.

Need product or article data extraction at scale?

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