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Scrapinghub's senior engineers built a secure and reliable solution for online multi-platform ticket bookings that enabled us to enter the market quickly. Their technology gave us a scalable platform that helped us achieve our business goals. It has been a great experience and I truly recommended working with them.

Fabio Zecchini
VP Technology & Digital Marketing at Musement
Hiring Scrapinghub and building our next-generation scraping system on open source Scrapy and Scrapyd are some of the best decisions we've made. Scrapy has been accurate, reliable, easy to maintain and ScrapingHub people have been a joy to work with.

Mike Seidle
Director of Development, DirectEmployers Foundation
Scrapinghub allowed us to launch the largest Bitcoin market in the world by scraping millions of items from more than 20 markets. Some of the sites were employing anti-crawling technology but by using Crawlera and crawling from multiple IPs, that problem was solved as well.

Vedran Kajic
Founder at Bspend
I love that Scrapy Cloud does not force vendor lock-in, unlike the other scraping and crawling services. Investment developing the right scraping logic is not stuck in some proprietary format or jailed behind some user friendly interface. With Scrapy Cloud scraping logic is in standard Python code calling the open-source Scrapy Python library. You retain the freedom to run the scraping Python code on your own computers or someone elses servers.

Castedo Ellerman
Quantitative Analyst/Developer
I have been using Scrapinghub for more than a year for personal projects. The interface provided saves about 95% of the time normally needed for extracting information from webpages. With about an hour of learning, this tool vastly simplified my development efforts, and runs consistently and reliably. If you have a need to gather data from a series of webpages, I could not recommend Scrapinghub enough.

Bill Frischling
Founder, CantyMedia
Scrapy is really pleasant to work with. It hides most of the complexity of web crawling, letting you focus on the primary work of data extraction.
Scrapinghub provides a simple way to run your crawls and browse results, which is especially useful for larger projects with multiple developers.

Jacob Perkins
Crawlera has solved our problem of making sparse requests from different IP addresses in an incredibly transparent and stable way. Their team is amazing and has been really helpful to us. I definitely recommend this product!

Juan Catalano
CTO, Streema
Gilberto (Engineer at Scrapinghub) 's expertise and resourcefulness has been fantastic as he has supported our service. He knows how to talk to those of us who aren't technical and he consistently produces high quality results. We trust his recommendations completely due to his high integrity and superior service.

Terese Herbig
Director of Member Development, The Path to Purchase Institute