Open Source at Scrapinghub

Supporting the leading crawl technologies through sponsored open source work

An Open Source DNA

Scrapinghub was built on the success of Scrapy, an open source web crawling framework our founders released in 2008. We’ve been managing Scrapy with the same commitment and enthusiasm ever since.

5 years later, we’re over 110 and have a few dozen more open source projects under our belt. They’re all crafted and maintained with the same love and passion. We couldn't think of any other way to run Scrapinghub. Open source is in our DNA.

Our Open Source Projects


Scrapely is a library for generating parsers for web pages.

Date Parser

DateParser is our libraryfor parsing human readable dates and times. Supports 18 languages.


ScrapyJS is our middleware for Splash, making it easy to use Splash in your Scrapy projects.


Frontera is a framework for managing your crawl logic and policies.


Formasaurus figures out the type of an HTML form using machine learning. Is it a login, search, sign up, password recovery, contact form, etc?


w3lib provides a number of useful web-related functions for your web scraping projects.


ScrapyRT let’s you reuse your spider’s logic to extract data from web pages through a single HTTP request.


Loginform is a library that detects and fills login forms on specified URLs.


Webstruct is our library for building NER systems that work with HTML.


Queuelib lets you create disk-based queues in Python.


adblockparser is a library for parsing and matching against Adblock Plus filters.


MDR is a library for detecting and extracting list data from web pages.


Webpager is a library for classifying whether a link on a web page is a pagination link or not.


Skinfer is a tool we developed to infer schemas from a sample of JSON data.


Scrapy-StreamItem provides support for working with streamcorpus’ StreamItems.


Wappalyzer-Python is a Python based wrapper for Wappalyzer.

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