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Product and Pricing Intelligence

Aggregation and monitoring for real estate, travel, retail, ecommerce and manufacturers View Sample Data


Alternative Finance Data

Inform investment decisions with real time market information


Competitive and Market Research

Understand your competitors pricing and performance

Sales & Marketing Intelligence

Monitor ratings, reviews, social media and sentiment analysis

News & Content Monitoring

Aggregation of news and information from across the web


Retail & Distribution Monitoring

Protect your brand across manufacturers and retailers

Flexible pricing plans based on your data extraction requirements

Tell us you project requirements so we can get you an accurate quote - our pricing is based on the number of websites plus the number of records and complexity. Plans start from $150 per month per site.


Tell us about your project - types of sites and how often you need the data extracted


Our Solution Architect team will review and let you know an estimated price


We’ll deliver sample data for your approval


We’ll then deliver your full data set(s) with any adjustments from your review


Sign up to receive accurate and reliable data feeds at a frequency you set

Subscription Add-Ons

Customizable data extraction options for your specific needs.

Power up your data feed with optional add-ons

Special pricing and conditions apply.


Data Enrichment

Deduplication and normalization of your data items

Incremental Crawls

Smart “delta crawls” for pages containing new items

Custom Delivery

Delivery to customer system (MySQL, Tableau, etc)

Source Code

Access to the web scraping spiders source code

Frequently Asked Questions

Got Questions? These might help! If not, Contact Us

1. How are setup fees calculated?

Setup fees may apply, subject to the complexity of the sites and the number of records. Our solution architecture team will assess each site on a case by case basis and you will be provided a final quote for approval.

2. Can I subscribe to multiple plans?

Yes, our subscription plans are on a per-site basis. You can subscribe to as many site data feeds as you want.

3. What is a record?

A record, often referred as item, is a row of data, or a collection of key-value pairs. For example, if the data being extracted is products, a record could contain a product name, price, description and image.

4. What payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit cards, Paypal and bank transfers.

5. What support do you offer?

Support is available to all of our customers. We offer support for coverage issues, missed deliveries, minor site changes etc. Should there be a larger change on the site and the spider needs a complete overhaul - this may fall outside standard support offering and may incur additional cost - however - this is rare.

6. Do you offer data samples before purchasing?

Yes, if sample data is available for the data source. This can be provided in either CSV or Json format. If it is a new source we have not crawled before - sample data will be provided following development kick off. This occurs post purchasing.

7. Do you support one-time data extraction?

Yes we support one time extraction, get in touch to tell us your requirements.

8. How will I receive my data / What format?

We offer many delivery types such as FTP, SFTP, AWS S3, Google Cloud storage, Email, Dropbox and Google Drive. Formats for delivery can be CSV, JSON, JSONLines or XML.

Core Features

Included in all data subscriptions

Fully Managed Service

Standard Predefined Schemas

Delivery Formats - CSV, JSON & XML

Data Delivery - S3, FTP, Dropbox & Google Drive


Customer Email Support

Why Scrapinghub


We are the best in the business

Our collective experience is unmatched - millions of sites since 2010.

Oh, and we’re the creators (and current maintainers) of Scrapy, the most popular framework for web scraping. Also we have a few dozen more open source projects under our belt. Who better to trust your project with?


The partner you can count on

We already crawl over 4 billion web pages per month.

Whether you’re starting from humble beginnings or a huge project, you can scale and we’re ready to match your ambitions.

Scraped 50 websites daily within a month

Our time-sensitive study involved compiling data on the 2015 Canadian federal election. Scrapinghub scraped about 50 websites daily over the period of a month. We weren’t familiar with many of the technical aspects of scraping but the Scrapinghub team patiently and promptly answered our questions. The data we needed were delivered on time and in a format that helped make our research project a success.

April Lindgren

Associate Professor - Ryerson University School of Journalism

Enabled us to enter the market quickly

Scrapinghub's senior engineers built a secure and reliable solution for online multi-platform ticket bookings that enabled us to enter the market quickly. Their technology gave us a scalable platform that helped us achieve our business goals. It has been a great experience and I truly recommended working with them.

Fabio Zecchini

VP Technology & Digital - Marketing Musement

One of the best decisions we’ve made

Hiring Scrapinghub and building our next-generation scraping system on open source Scrapy and Scrapyd are some of the best decisions we've made. Scrapy has been accurate, reliable, easy to maintain and ScrapingHub people have been a joy to work with.

Mike Seidle

Director of Development DirectEmployers Foundation

High integrity and superior service

Gilberto's (Engineer at Scrapinghub) expertise and resourcefulness has been fantastic as he has supported our service. He knows how to talk to those of us who aren't technical and he consistently produces high quality results. We trust his recommendations completely due to his high integrity and superior service.

Terese Herbig

Director of Member Development - The Path to Purchase Institute

My questions were promptly answered

I was very pleased with both the finished project and with the way my questions were promptly answered. This is definitely the way to run a successful company. Thanks!

Carolyn Goodnight

IT Director - Geist Holdings Inc

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