COVID-19 News Map

Which Countries News Media are Talking About COVID-19

We're extracting news articles from top news sources for each country, and measuring how many of these articles are about COVID-19 using our
AutoExtract News and Article API


For each country we've selected up to 20 top news sources, mostly general (i.e. not sport-specific, finance-specific, etc.), and mostly in a local language. The idea is to monitor popular news websites which people in this country actually read.

Throughout the day, we are gathering articles published on these websites using our AutoExtract API. The API allows us to get a clean article body and headline, without the website elements, suggested articles, etc. It also allows us to detect and filter out occasional non-article pages.

To decide if an article is about COVID-19 or not, we've built a list of COVID-19 synonyms and spellings in ~70 languages (~250 variants in total). This list of keywords is conservative: it is strictly about coronavirus - no "pandemic", "virus", "mask" and related keywords.

Then, if one of a keywords appears in the article body, article headline or article URL, we count an article as a COVID-19 article.
Because the set of keywords is conservative, this approach provides high precision, but we may be not counting some of the articles if they don't use the exact "coronavirus" name or one of its aliases. So the real % of COVID-19 news can be even higher than suggested.

There can also be cultural effects: in some countries news sources may prefer not to mention "coronavirus", even if an article is directly related to it (e.g. it is about a lockdown). This is more common in countries with government-controlled media. We may be under-counting COVID-19 articles in these countries. On the other hand, the data still shows the amount of COVID-19 "presence" in media, uncovering that these mentions are suppressed.

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