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Hassle-free web scraping

Specially designed for web scraping, Crawlera allows you to crawl quickly and reliably, managing thousands of proxies internally - so you don’t have to.

Simply send an HTTP request to Crawlera’s API and it will take care of the rest.

Crawlera enables over 2,000 companies extract the data they need every day

Built for reliability at any scale

Crawlera’s #1 priority is to give you maximum request reliability at any scale.

Save time managing proxies & user agents

Avoid detection and throttling using Crawlera’s inbuilt intelligent IP and user-agent rotation and management.

Automate ban detection & management

Crawlera maintains a database of more than 130 ban types, response codes and captchas and automatically manages bans if they occur.

Simulate user behaviour

Manage sessions and IP addresses across subsequent requests to simulate user-behaviour.

Complete proxy solution

No more managing multiple proxy vendors, Crawlera has everything you’ll ever need.

Main features

Automatic ban detection
Automatic IP rotation and retrials
Persistent sessions
Headless browser support
Unlimited bandwidth


Save time and effort through automatic, intelligent proxy rotation and ban management


Ideal for 
small web scraping projects
150K monthly requests
10 concurrent requests
* Unlimited bandwidth
24/5 support
per month


Ideal for 
medium web scraping projects
1 million monthly requests
50 concurrent requests
Unlimited bandwidth
Custom user agents
24/5 support
per month


Ideal for 
large scale web scraping projects
3 million monthly requests
100 concurrent requests
Unlimited bandwidth
Custom user agents
24/5 support
per month


Ideal for 
scraping the web at enormous scale
9 million monthly requests
200 concurrent requests
Unlimited bandwidth
Custom user agents
24/5 support
per month
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7-day money back guarantee. Pay with credit card or Paypal. Easy to upgrade. *Unlimited bandwidth in all plans has a maximum individual file size of 512MB.


Ideal for
unlimited scale & custom needs
Free Trial
Custom monthly requests
Unlimited concurrent requests
Unlimited bandwidth
Custom user agents
24/7 priority support
Dedicated IP's
Access to residential IP's
Country & city granularity
Personalized onboarding
starting at:
per month
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Crawlera Enterprise Free Trial limits are custom and set up via our Crawlera Consultants.
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Focus on the data, not proxies

Simply send an HTTP request to Crawlera’s API and it will take care of the rest.

1. Query API

Send an HTTP request to Crawlera’s single endpoint API.

2. Crawlera works its magic

Crawlera automatically selects, rotates, throttles and blacklists IPs to retrieve the target data.

3. Success response

Receive a successful request in response.

Why people love Crawlera

  • The proxy is so smart I don't have to be
    "Crawlera makes it really easy for me to process thousands of requests without worrying about rate-limits. I love that I don't have to worry about retry policies or IP blacklisting because Crawlera takes care of that for me! Plus, by charging by requests instead of bandwidth, it's much easier for me to estimate my expenses based on my needs."

    Daniel J Lewis
    Podcaster and producer Podcast Network

  • I love Crawlera
    "I have been using Scrapy and Scrapinghub's services since 2013 and I'm so far very satisfied with their services. Crawlera, their proxy service, works very well! I don't have to setup a proxy farm anymore or configure my scrapers to point to thousands of proxy services as they do all the grunt work for you (it's all automated)."
    Mikko G.
    Data Scientist
    Information Technology & Services, 13-50 Employees
    Used the Software for: 2+ years

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