Scrape websites without any programming knowledge

Autoscraping is a service of the Scrapinghub Platform.

What is Autoscraping?

Autoscraping is a tool to scrape web sites without any programming knowledge. You just annotate web pages visually (with a point and click tool) to indicate where each field is on the page and Autoscraping will scrape any similar page from the site.

The UI is all web-based so all you need is a modern browser, there's no need to download or install anything, not even a browser extension.

Open source!

Autoscraping is based in open source. Its crawler is powered by Slybot, an open source web crawler based in Scrapy and Scrapely. All Autoscraping projects can be exported from Scrapinghub and run in any machine where Slybot is installed, giving users the freedom provided by open source.

See how it works!

Define your data schema

Annotate a web page

Run your spider

Watch your spider run

Review the scraped data

Screen casts

Check our Facebook page for some guided screen casts that show how to use the Autoscraping tool

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